Anchorage Memorial Cemetery Bell Tower

The Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery Advisory Board and Fairview Community Council have dreamed of bringing the gift of music to the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery for over a decade. In 2005, the groups came together to develop an improvement plan to install a new electronic carillon bell tower and seating area.

With your support, we will install the bell tower which will serve the cemetery visitors and neighboring community with beautiful music and enhance the spirit of the cemetery as its new, iconic landmark. Schulmerich Bells hosts an expansive digital library of songs for every occasion, ranging from patriotic and seasonal tunes to liturgical bells, chimes, and taps, providing bountiful opportunities for ceremonies and celebrations. Flanked by flagpoles and a new seating area, the bell tower will be a shining symbol of remembrance and joy, as well as a peaceful setting for paying respects.

Project Cost Estimate:

Bell Tower $71,000
Equipment $87,070
Demolition $8,140
Paving $56,755
Walls $75,750
Interpretive Display $20,000
Plant Material $18,375
Permitting & Design $65,000

TOTAL $402,090

Give the gift of music! Click here to donate now or mail your gift to 3201 C St, Suite 110, Anchorage, AK 99503.  Please make checks payable to the Anchorage Park Foundation and include “Cemetery Bell Tower” in the memo line. Donors to the project will be recognized visually at the site.

We have requested a $200,000 Rasmuson Tier 2 Grant for this project.

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