Student Design Competition

@Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail

We have our winners!

First place:  Savannah Bickley, Moose Bench, King Career Center
Moose Bench3 (002) pic-01Moose Bench3 (002)

Second Place: Kacy Grundhauser, Eco-Bench, King Career Center
Bike benchSecond Place

Second Place: Mercedes Petrilla, W is for Westchester, King Career Center
WLNT_Wseat_Mercedes Page 001WLNT_Wseat_Mercedes Page 006

The Contest (closed)

Have a creative idea for an outdoor chair?  Your design could be chosen to be built and installed in a local park.   We are inviting  high school students to submit their ideas and designs for a custom chair(s) to be permanently installed at the Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail.  This is part of a larger project of improvements that are being made to the trail.

Submissions are due by March 25th, 2016 to


The Seat

  • Individual seats shall be a minimum 16”-18” wide and 12” deep
  • Seat height shall be 14”-17” measured from the ground
  • Chairs should plan to hold a minimum of 400 pounds per seat
  • Chairs may offer seating for up to 3 people
  • Chairs are intended to be constructed and permanently installed
  • Chairs should serve the function of a seat, not a bed

Your Quest

  • Ask Questions: There are no dumb questions.
  • Submit your Design: This is really important.
    Describe your creative solution(s) on 3 sheets of 8.5”x11” paper (6 sides) in any way you like. Sketches, diagrams, and images are encouraged. Don’t forget your name, school, and contact information.
  • We encourage participants to consider developing design proposals that are portfolio-worthy. This is an opportunity to generate ideas and materials that are appropriate for applying to programs or universities for admission, bolster grant and scholarship applications, or begin a profitable business enterprise.
  • Have Fun: This isn’t intended to be too painful or overly complex.

Submissions due by March 18th, 2016
3 sheets of 8.5”x11” paper emailed (3mb max), delivered, or mailed.
Please include your name and primary contact info.

Brendan Stuart
Schools on Trails Program Coordinator
(907) 271-4591

WLNT_DesignCompetition-4     WLNT_DesignCompetition-6

Our Role

Our team of professionals and community organizations is here to help.

Answer Questions:

  • It is possible that this design abstract is not entirely clear, so contact us. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are intended to be made available to all participants. Contact Brendan Stuart [] for more information and she will be happy to help.
  • Evaluate Designs: Jury will Award and Reward 3-5 Designs/Participants
    • All Designs meeting the submittal requirements will be considered for Award. Creators of the awarded design will receive a Reward for their efforts.
    • Design Submissions are intended to be displayed at a First Friday event.
    • Designs will be evaluated based on the following priorities:
      • Creativity
      • Functionality
      • Durability
      • Ingenuity (ie. materials, structure, fabrication, technology, etc.)
      • Presentation
  • Fabricate: We have allocated funds for Prototypes and Construction
    • We anticipate developing prototypes of the awarded design(s) for testing and gather public feedback during a First Friday event hosted at the Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail.
    • The goal of the design competition is to construct a seat or series of seats to be permanently installed in Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park as part of the Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail Rehabilitation Project.

Helpful Links

Pictures of the Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail

Optional Form for Design Submissions

Frequently Asked Questions

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