Bob and Arlene Cross Park

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RESERVATIONS: contact the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department at 343-4355.

Features & Amenities

  • Accessible play equipment for 2-5 year olds
  • Picnic table and benches
  • Multi-use field and trail
  • Play court with basketball hoops
  • Horse-riding ring
  • Parking lot with 6 spaces


In summer 2009, neighbors and volunteers celebrated the Bob & Arlene Cross Park Fix-its Block Party by making park improvements and enjoying a community block party. The community council and park neighbors provided substantial volunteer power for the park Fix-Its, including:

• Installed new park rules sign
• Added signs on pathway entrances to highlight the park for passersby
• Installed new dog station to improve park cleanliness
• Cleaned and removed graffiti from play equipment
• Improved the park’s play areas by replacing the basketball hoops and baseball backstop and repairing the chain link fence surrounding baseball field
• Installed new benches in seating area
• Completed forestry assessment of stand of spruce trees
• Removed vegetation impeding pathways to improve visibility and park safety
• Removed weeds from play area and replenished pea gravel safety surfacing in play area
• Weeded and pruned plants in planter beds

For more details on the accomplishments in this and other neighborhood parks, please read the 2009 Neighborhood Park Fix-It Summary Report.


In 1955 this property was deeded to Hilltop Youth by Bob and Arlene Cross to be used for recreation by the Hillside Community. The Hilltop Youth organization was incorporated to manage the property at this time.

The park was developed by the community with three Quonset huts that became the social center for the Huffman, Birch & O’Malley Road areas. In 1995 the land was donated by Hilltop Youth to the Municipality of Anchorage. The neighborhood held a large work party to make the park a usable space again. Forty people worked to restore the horse arena and brush out the park. In 1996 a master plan was developed and the municipality made a $150,000 grant to develop the park. Also, in 1996 the community received an Arbor Day grant to plant trees in the park. In 2003 play equipment and birdhouses were installed. In 2006, the park’s name was changed to honor the Cross Family for their contribution to Anchorage parks.

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Reservations: contact the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department at 343-4355. The Anchorage Park Foundation is not a department of the Municipality of Anchorage, and cannot process reservations!

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Municipal Districts
  • Community Council: Huffman/O'Malley
  • Legislative District: 26M
  • Assembly District: 6

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