Chester Creek Sports Complex

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RESERVATIONS: contact the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department at 343-4355.

Features & Amenities

  • Mulcahy Baseball Stadium — seats approx. 4,000
  • Kosinski Baseball Fields
  • Anchorage Football Stadium — track and seating for 4,000
  • Mulcahy Outdoor Hockey Rinks
  • Skateboard Area
  • Ben Boeke Ice Arena with 2 sheets of ice
  • George Sullivan Sports Arena with seating for 8,000
Chester Creek Sports Complex

Chester Creek Sports Complex


A park design with an emphasis on baseball was completed in 1956 and the park was ready for play by 1960. The baseball park was named after Bill Mulcahy who came to Alaska in 1922, worked for the Alaska Railroad, and had a love of baseball. In 1923, Mulcahy became president, treasurer, secretary, ground keeper and ticket seller for the baseball league. Mulcahy and his wife worked tirelessly to bring baseball to Alaska for both adults and children. Kosinki Fields were named in honor of Bernie Kosinski who contributed to the youth baseball community of Anchorage.

The Anchorage Football Stadium and accompanying Dr. Williams Mills Sports Facility were constructed to host football games and track meets. Dr. Mills was a high school trainer at the football stadium.

The Ben Boeke Ice Arena was built in the 1970s and named for Ben Boeke who had been the Anchorage City Clerk for 14 years. During the 1980s, the Sports Arena was built as the first of it’s kind in Anchorage. The Arena was named for George Sullivan who was our mayor for 14 years.

Mulcahy Ice Rinks

Ribbon cutting ceremony at reconstructed Mulcahy outdoor ice rinks



In 2013, the Anchorage Park Foundation and the Scotty Gomez Foundation collaborated to rebuild the two outdoor Mulcahy hockey rinks through hundreds of donated volunteer hours and a  contribution from the Alaska State Legislature.

Reconstruction of the two outdoor ice rinks

Reconstruction of the two outdoor ice rinks

Reservations: contact the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department at 343-4355. The Anchorage Park Foundation is not a department of the Municipality of Anchorage, and cannot process reservations!

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