Far North Bicentennial Park

4970 Campbell Airstrip Rd/5306 E. Tudor Rd/5900 Campbell Airstrip Rd/7401 Campbell Airstrip Rd/7400 Campbell Airstrip Rd/8101 Abbott Lp/7011 Abbot Rd. View map

RESERVATIONS: contact the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department at 343-4355.

Features & Amenities

  • Hilltop Ski Area
  • Hillside Cross Country Skiing and Running Trails
  • Karl Eid Ski Jump
  • Singletrack Trails
  • A portion of Alaska Botanical Gardens
  • Lakes
  • Open Playfields
  • Dog Mushing Trails
  • Ski Joring Trails
  • Ball Fields


A master plan for this area was approved by the Anchorage Assembly in 1975. The Bureau of Land Management set restrictions on the Campbell Tract to protect a 720 acre area located within and separate of the 4,000 acres of Far North Bicentennial. An agreement detailing management of the area was reached in 1976 between the Municipality, State, and BLM. The parkland was acquired in 1983 by patent from the Federal Government and State of Alaska. The park was named for the United States Bicentennial.

Singletrack trail signs in Far North Bicentennial Park

Singletrack trail signs in Far North Bicentennial Park


In 2006, Anchorage Park Foundation partnered with Alaska Trails, BLM and Far North Bicentennial Trails Advisory Committee to improve park and trail safety. Funds from the State of Alaska and an APF Challenge Grant were used to install 35 signs and 5 informational kiosks throughout the park.


Volunteers building singletrack trails

Volunteers building singletrack trails

Anchorage Park Foundation awarded two Challenges Grants in 2008 that constructed improvements to FNBP. The first grant, awarded to Singletrack Trails, was used to build narrow, soft-surface trails for mountain bikers and foot traffic. This grant also covered installation of trail signage and two informational trailhead kiosks. The second grant, awarded to Alaskan Sled Dog and Racing Association, was used to repair five bridges throughout the park.

Reservations: contact the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department at 343-4355. The Anchorage Park Foundation is not a department of the Municipality of Anchorage, and cannot process reservations!

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Municipal Districts
  • Community Council: Campbell Park, Abbott Loop, Basher, Mid-Hillside, and Hillside East
  • Legislative District: 25M and 27N
  • Assembly District: 4 and 5

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