Estuary rafts


The Anchorage Park Foundation builds Healthy Parks & Healthy People by mobilizing public support and financial resources for Anchorage parks, trails, and recreation opportunities.


The people of Anchorage recognize parks are vital for community health and connectivity, and demonstrate a strong park stewardship ethic.

  • Parks provide access to outdoor recreation opportunities; support healthy lifestyles; and sustain clean water, land, and natural habitat, which in turn attract businesses and visitors, and increase prosperity for a healthy economy.
  • Parks and trails connect neighborhoods, offer connection to the natural environment, and connect the community to each other through place, special events, cultural festivities, recreation and fun.
  • Anchorage residents recognize the importance of parks and trails in their lives and to their community, and they take responsibility for our community assets with investments of time, individual and corporate contributions, and tax dollars.
  • Anchorage residents benefit from a healthy park system and recreation opportunities available to all, regardless of where they live, income, ethnicity, or special needs.

Park Assets

Anchorage has:

  • 10,946 acres of municipal parkland;
  • 226 parks;
  • over 250 miles of trails and greenbelts that link neighborhoods with surrounding natural open space and wildlife habitat;
  • 110 multi use fields;
  • 5 pools;
  • 11 recreation centers (chalets and indoor rinks);
  • and 85 playgrounds.

These are considerable assets for the citizens of Anchorage to enjoy and maintain. The Anchorage Park Foundation promotes stewardship and creates simple ways for community members to enhance our recreation opportunities and park system.