Mayor’s AmeriCorps Program

Mayor’s AmeriCorps Program (MAP) is a twelve-week summer program of the Anchorage Park Foundation and Municipality of Anchorage. In the 2017 pilot program, ten Anchorage youth were selected to serve in five municipal departments with the objective of connecting primarily minority and otherwise underprivileged populations with the varying departments including Police, Parks and Recreation, Public Library, Health and Human Services, and Fire. The ten AmeriCorps members had the opportunity to develop their professional skill sets through workforce and professional development opportunities and became actively engaged in their community.

Police Department
Demry and Sevy went door-to-door in Fairview, polling residents on perceptions of APD. “We were able to come back to the police with valuable information that can help create/modify policing strategies to help meet the needs and desires of Anchorage.”

Parks and Recreation
Jacica and Maddy assisted Parks & Recreation with community outreach projects, including Town Square Park revitalization, Folker Park redesign, and Fairview Garden Fix-It. “What I learned most from this project was the value of creating ties to strengthen communities.” –Jacica

Public Library 
Michaela and Pa Che helped launch Job Lab at the Library. “I hope that this movement could help everyone get back on their feet and proceed back into the economy.” –Pa Che


Health and Human Services 
Alex and Elise developed projects to improve DHHS’s community outreach about core services. “This program has introduced me to a whole new profession that I think I could see myself doing in my life [and] helped further solidify my passion for serving my community.” –Alex

Fire Department
Erin and Sarah led home inspections for the FireWise program at the Fire Department. “It taught me how important community outreach is in giving expert knowledge face-to-face in a personal environment.” –Erin

Want to learn more about the 2017 program? Download this informational pdf!