Park Report Cards

Over 4 million dollars and 239,092 volunteer hours have been invested in our Parks and Trail systems as a result of the Report Card project.

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In September 2008 & 2011, the Anchorage Parks & Recreation Department (APRD) mobilized thousands of volunteers to evaluate over 100 Anchorage parks and trails using the Anchorage Parks Report Card & Anchorage Parks Mobile Application. Volunteers completed over 1,000 Report Cards. The Anchorage Parks Report Card provides quantitative performance data on parks and trails throughout Anchorage, within key service areas or settings, like playgrounds, active recreation areas, park entrances, passive recreation areas including picnic areas and pathways.

The results indicate that overall, Anchorage parks scored a D (67.9%), or below average, when graded by members of the Anchorage public. Playgrounds, on average, received a slightly higher 70.8% grade. Participants also completed a “Fix It List” for each park, listing thousands of items such as broken benches, peeling paint, inadequate trash cans, dead trees, weeds in flowerbeds and graffiti on playground equipment. This list is and will be used to develop the summer construction plans, combining funds from taxpayers and the Anchorage Park Foundation with APRD staff work and volunteer labor to make visible and needed improvements in neighborhood parks. In the summers of 2009-2012, the Anchorage Park Foundation partnered with the Parks & Recreation Department and community members to accomplish the Fix-Its in 35 of those neighborhood parks. Volunteers, staff and contractors worked together to revitalize parks– from replacing trash cans and play equipment to restoring landscaping and removing graffiti.

The Report Card process has four goals:

  1. To involve the community in the assessment process and provide a key vehicle for communication between APRD and the public.
  2. To provide communities with an assessment of neighborhood park performance from year to year against a defined minimum level of service. This easily accessible online information system helps communities advocate for improved services in their parks and creates accountability for providing both the defined level of service as well as needed improvements for every park throughout Anchorage.
  3.  To encourage debate among communities, public agencies, and advocates about how best to improve and maintain parks & trails. The Report Card identifies those parks in greatest need, but more importantly, the Report Card indicates how needs may be addressed. By highlighting both high and low performing parks, as well as systemic issues, best practices can be identified and implemented in select parks citywide.
  4. To encourage a more efficient distribution of limited resources toward Anchorage parks and playgrounds that are most “in need” and assist in developing strategies for additional funding sources.