Parks and Recreation Bond

Proposition 3: Anchorage Parks and Recreation Service Area Capital Improvements Bonds

The Parks Bond passed on April 4th, 2017.  Thank you for voting!  Your parks and trails make Anchorage a great place to live, work, and play. They attract a talented workforce, stimulate the economy, and set Anchorage apart from other cities.  Thank you for ensuring that these assets that make our city so great remain clean, green, safe, and secure into the future.

Thank you for voting YES on Proposition #3.

What’s on the bond?

  1. Campbell Creek Trail Rehabilitation and Lake Otis Crossing Study ($750k)
    Funds will be used to repair and resurface priority areas along the trail and implement new wayfinding and signage for the corridor.

    Prop 3 Story Map

    Check out this map of the Prop 3 funded park and trail projects.

  2. Safety Upgrades for Valley of the Moon and Chester Creek Trail ($200k)
    Funds will be used to retrofit existing lighting to LED, add additional LED lighting, and wayfinding signage with emergency locator icons along the Chester Creek Trail Corridor from Westchester Lagoon to Woodside Park.
  3. All-Inclusive Playground Development ($500k)
    Design and install all-inclusive playgrounds in Chugach Foothills Park and Frontierland Park that welcome kids and families of all abilities to learn, play, and grow together.  Relevant improvements will be in coordination with NARE (The National Association for Recreational Equity).
  4. Sand Lake Park ($50k)
    Bond funds will be used to rehabilitate established safe routes to school and other safety improvements as identified by Sand Lake Elementary.
  5. Fairview Recreation Center Indoor Playground ($250k)
    Funds will be used to construct Anchorage’s first indoor and year round inclusive playground that accommodates children of all abilities.
  6. Jodphur Parking Lot Improvements ($400k)
    Funds will be used to improve trail access,wayfinding, and paving improvements for the parking lot and access drive.
  7. South Anchorage Sports Park ($200k)
    Bond funds will be used to construct community priorities established within the South Anchorage Sports Park Master Plan.  Read the master plan HERE.


    Prop 3 will fund safety upgrades including LED lighting and emergency locators at Valley of the Moon Park and along the Chester Creek Trail.

  8. Folker Park ($200k)
    Funds will be used to construct a paved accessible loop trail and other community identified safety improvements to ensure positive activity within the neighborhood.
  9. Town Square Park Design and Development ($150k)
    Funds will be used to implement priority improvements as identified in the completed master plan. Learn more about the master plan HERE.
  10. Government Hill- Harvard Park Building Sprinkler Upgrade and Asbestos Removal ($215k)
    Funds will be used to remove asbestos from the building and install a new sprinkler system.
  11. Whisper Faith Kovach Park Playground Renovation and Fenced Dog Park ($250k)
    Funds will be used to renovate the existing playground with an all-inclusive play area and install a fenced off-leash dog park as identified by the Abbott Loop Community Council.
  12. Muldoon Town Square Park ($500k)
    Bond funds will be used to construct phase II of the approved master plan which includes new trails, parking, and a community garden.  Read the master plan HERE.

2017 Park Bond Total Request: $3,665,000

Thank you for supporting the parks and trails you love!

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