Signage & Wayfinding Plan



Thank you to all who participated in the Anchorage Trails Wayfinding Plan public meetings!

On May 12, 2016 the preferred Option #4 for the Anchorage Trails Wayfinding Plan was presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission for approval. Option #4 was developed after a public presentation and comment period on three original design options. Option #4 incorporates the best components from the original 3 designs in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and maintenance concerns.

Option #4 Presentation to the Parks & Recreation Commission (May 12, 2016)

Option #4 Anchorage Trails Wayfinding Plan

Option #4 Design_Page_1

Public Meeting Notes

Two Wayfinding Plan public meetings were held at the beginning of March 2016. To view meeting notes and discussion, please click the links below.

Wayfinding Plan Public Open House (March 1, 2016)

Trails Initiative Meeting (March 2, 2016)

Three design alternatives were presented at these public meetings as options for the Anchorage Trails Wayfinding Plan.

Wayfinding Survey Results. A public survey was released after the presentation of the 3 wayfinding designs to gather feedback from the community about the pros and cons of each design.

Project Schedule

  • May 12, 2016: Wayfinding Plan presented to Parks & Recreation Commission
  • July 1- October 2016: Wayfinding Pilot Project implemented

What is the Wayfinding Plan?

The Trails Initiative is one of the seven areas of focus that the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation has adopted to make Anchorage the best place to Live. Work. Play. by 2025. Our trails are an important part of Anchorage’s identity. They provide recreation opportunities, serve as transit systems, and attract a talented workforce to Anchorage.

A survey found out that 95% of Anchorage residents agree that our trail system contributes towards making Anchorage a great place to live, while 66% of Anchorage adults would like to use the trails more often. In an effort to improve our trails for all users, a Signage & Wayfinding Plan is in development to create a safer, more easily navigable trail system for our city.

Signage & Wayfinding Plan Goals:

  • Project consistent image for trails and pedestrian routes.
  • Safely guide residents and visitors to landmarks, facilities, and community services.
  • Brand neighborhoods and establish a strong sense of place and community pride.
  • Improve community health by encouraging walking, bicycling, and public transit.
  • Lead to a more legible and connected city for residents, commuters, and tourists.

Local landscape architecture firm Earthscape and national wayfinding expert MERJE are working together to lead the wayfinding process that will help make Anchorage’s trail system WORLD CLASS!