Sample Content

This page is the content sampler of the various HTML headings and other formatting structures that have been styled for this site. Please don’t delete, as it’s a great reference.

This is a Heading 1

This is a Heading 2. It’s used to support the Heading 1 (above), usually as a bi-line.

This is a sample image caption.

It doesn’t get any bigger than a Heading 1! This is automatically used for the page title, so it is best not used elsewhere.

Heading 2 is intended to be used just once on a page – right after the Heading 1 and before other page content. It’s good for holding a page excerpt/summary, or some other content that might be pertinent to SEO. I typically make it a little smaller than Heading 3, as Heading 3 is usually a short phrase while Heading 2 usually contains more text.

Oh – a link looks like this. Go ahead and mouse over it.

This is a Heading 3

Heading 3 is the top-level separator of content areas within a page. It might follow a Heading 1, Heading 2 or a paragraph.

This is a Heading 4

Heading 4 is a lively alternative to a Heading 3. It is best used for short phrases.

This is a Heading 5

Heading 5 is used to break up sections that occur within a section already set apart by a Heading 3 or a Heading 4.

This is a Heading 6
  • Heading 6 is usually reserved for footnote-style headings
  • It’s relatively small and is the last heading on a page.
  • It is usually followed by a single short paragraph or bullet list.

Other formats

Ordered List
  1. Here is an item
  2. Here is an item
  3. Here is an item
  4. Here is a longer item. Here is a longer item. Here is a longer item. Here is a longer item. Here is a longer item. Here is a longer item. Here is a longer item.
  5. Here is an item
  6. Here is an item
  7. Here is an item

A blockquote separates a sentence or phrase worth repeating

For this site, the blockquote is styled to act like a pull-quote in which a primary sentence or phrase is displayed with great emphasis. Not to be overused – maybe once per page or so.


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