Beth Nordlund, Executive Director of Anchorage Park Foundation

 My Favorite Park: Elderberry Park

beth nordlundI grew up in Anchorage and spent a lot of time with my grandparents who lived in an apartment building right downtown. 

In those days “the park” was Elderberry Park.  That is the one we went to – it was nearby, it had playground equipment (not so common in 1970), and I bet the grownups loved the view.

 Today I have a three year old who loves to swing on the swings at Elderberry Park and wave at the train conductors as they go by.  We can access the Coastal Trail right there, and swings are a good reward after a stroll. 

Now parks are a big part of my life and I am making new memories with my family and friends as we go.  Hiking, biking – just getting out there and soaking up the land of the midnight sun.  But Elderberry Park will always hold the nostalgia award.  

 Elderberry Park warms me up and leaves me with a real connection to the history and people of Anchorage.  Every time I visit I remember my Grandma, Toots Lape.  It’s the best feeling.  I hope to pass it on.