Kathleen Plunkett, School Board & Russian Jack Community Council

My Favorite Park: San Antonio Park

Kathleen Plunkett with officer Cindi Stanton.

“My favorite park is San Antonio Park. This small park is surrounded by high density housing with very little green space in the area so our children played in the street. The community worked on San Antonio Park for 7 years – this park was created due to continued perseverance and love. We cleaned up the land multiple times and created a park in an area that attracted trash and negative activities. We turned this almost acre of land into a wonderful place for our children.

Our community has adopted this park. We will continue to clean it up, trim bushes, plant flowers, add picnic tables and water the grass. This park is a wonderful place for our families and children to play and be safe in both the winter and summer. I have participated in all aspects of this park along with my grand daughter Abigail. It is very special to go to this park with her and sit in the grass and watch all the children play and interact with each other.”