Peggy Robinson

My Favorite Park: Windsong Park

Imagine a neighborhood of over 500 single and multi-family homes with no usable public space – no park, no school.  Now see it 15 years later with a vibrant and ever changing 14-acre park in the middle of all the homes. 

That’s Windsong Park.

It is located east of Muldoon Road along 17th Avenue, fronting on the South Fork of Chester Creek.  In the winter, children and families thrill on the sledding hill and at night watch the Northern Lights.  The moose eat back the willows that grow thick along the shore of the lake.  Dogs and their owners use the walking trails for exercise, fresh air, and daylight. 

Spring arrives with the stopping over of geese on their way north, while some geese, ducks, and other birds spend the summer raising their families in the grasses and trees between the lake and Chester Creek.  Beavers found the area about three years ago and decided it also made a wonderful place to raise their family, changing the landscape with their dams and tree harvesting.  Muskrats have come too. 

The playground area again fills with children on the swings and the climbing structure, and families have picnics and relax in the sun.  A football gets tossed in the field, and bicycles use the trails.  A 20-minute walk about the lake after a day at work clears my head and fills me with wonder of what I’ll see this time.