Vic Fischer, Member of Alaska’s Constitutional Convention

My Favorite Park: The Whole Park System

It is very hard for me to pick just one park as my favorite because there are so many good ones. We have a great park system in this town, with a great variety of parks, big and small. I would call it a “continuous” system with trails connecting many parks across town, and then parks such as Far North Bicentennial merging into the neighboring wilderness of Chugach State Park.

The Parks have offered so much to me over the years in Anchorage, it has been a continuing experience of enjoyment. Living near the Chester Creek Trail, I’ve really enjoyed over the years being able to practically ski out my door during winter and having a great walking trail during summer.

Back in 1954, when preparing the first city plan we had a recreation planning committee that looked at what the city had and what it should have. From this came the Chester Creek Trail, including Westchester Lagoon, Russian Jack, and many other parks. It has been very exciting to see these plans implemented over the years. My hopes for Anchorage’s future include a Coastal Trail extension, among other trail improvements, and that we are sure to preserve nature in our city.