Vote YES for Proposition #4 on April 1

Coastal Trail cyclist Roy NeeseOn Tuesday, April 1 you will have an opportunity to invest in revitalizing parks and trails that make Anchorage one of our nation’s top cities to Live.Work.Play. Bond funding will go directly into making much needed improvements to our beloved Valley of the Moon Park and Dog Park, Areawide Greenbelt Trail Resurfacing and Safety Upgrades, and Kincaid Facility Improvements and Safety Upgrades. Read the Fact Sheet. Funding will be used to: improve and expand parking, formalize an off-leash, enclosed dog area, repair stream bank erosion and improve community use park amenities at Valley of the Moon Park;  rehabilitate and resurface Anchorage’s major multi-use greenbelt trails including Campbell Creak and Chester Creek along with their associated spurs and connectors; and upgrade the Kincaid Chalet to ADA accessibility requirements and modify existing entrance and interior layout to accommodate multi program usage.  This project will also replace the roof on the older portion of the building, replace and/or restore the existing windows, upgrade the flooring to accommodate high traffic flow, convert old fluorescent lighting to energy efficient LED, upgrade facility security system and expand and improve the parking lots.