Time Capsule Dedication

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In celebration of Anchorage’s centennial, the Anchorage Park Foundation is creating a time capsule filled with pieces that express our current feelings about the park and trail system and our hopes and dreams for parks in the future. The time capsule will be buried at Engine 556 on the Delaney Park Strip at 9th Avenue and E street. Help us create a meaningful collection for future generations!

We have accomplished so much for parks and trails over the 100 year history of Anchorage! What are your hopes and wishes for Anchorage Parks and Trails in 100 years? What is your challenge for the person that opens this time capsule in 100 years? Fill out the Adult Time Capsule form below and submit your answers to be interred with the time capsule and open 100 years from now.

A current sample of other items making their way into the time capsule includes: children’s artwork, letters to future park lovers and advocates, and contributions from Challenge Grant partners.

Deadline for Submission: August 17th

Time Capsule Dedication: August 26th

11:30 am – 12 pm

Adult Time Capsule form

Contact Cathy Janigo at JanigoCD@muni.org with questions.