Suzan Nightingale McKay Park Fix-It: June 27, 2015

  • Replace play equipment with Woolly Mammoth  themed playground
  • Update playground surface with wood fiber
  • Thinning Vegetation
  • Replace park amenities for easier maintenance
  • Install trash cans, signs, and benches

11667049_833287990118102_1673428272_nThe Anchorage Park Foundation and Anchorage Parks and Rec has been working with a Very Important Parks (VIP) Committee to identify and prioritize park improvements. The committee was composed of local park users, neighbors, and community council members.

In 2008, neighbors and community members filled out a report card and identified several issues including concerns about overgrown trees and brush blocking scenic views and park trails, broken play equipment, loose safety matting and insufficient sand, and that the dog station is not accessible to all park users.

In 2011, neighbors and community members again came together to evaluate Suzan Nightingale McKay Memorial Park and identified the following issues: the park is “very ugly” and “very old”, the main dedication sign needs to be repaired, the playground sand should be weeded, the park needs lighting, safety upgrades to the path are needed, and general reinvestment to revitalize the park.

Parks and Recreation received a State Legislative Grant for $100,000 to address community concerns about this park.