Every dog has a tale.


How does your dog use Anchorage parks and trails? Did they meet their best dog friend sharing a frisbee in Lyn Ary Park, get into shape running the Coastal Trail every morning, or find solace in Elderberry Park after a busy work day? Tell us their story!

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Moser Pirate Lyn Ary

“I can be a pirate, a fisherman, or a deep sea diver. I love playing at Lyn Ary Park and letting my imagination run wild.”-Moser, #DogsofANCParks


“You wouldn’t imagine that this land moved so dramatically 50 years ago. I walked the interpretive trail at Earthquake Park for the first time this weekend. I wonder what the 1964 earthquake smelled like…”-Luna, #DogsofANCParks

Brown Dog

“I like to go to Abbott Loop Community Park to reflect and clear by head after a busy day.”-Brown Dog, #DogsofANCParks

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Please remember to obey leash laws and to pick up after your dog!