5 Reasons to Smile This Holiday Season

  1. Inclusive playgrounds, where we can all play together regardless of ability.
    20161007-_jb19535Four more inclusive playgrounds were installed this summer at Kiwanis Fish Creek Park, Barbara Street Park, Duldida Park, and Kincaid Park bringing the grand total to TEN inclusive playgrounds in Anchorage.  More inclusive playspaces, more play!
  2. Anchorage’s first in ground skatepark, a new recreational outlet!
    20160828-_jb17680After much anticipation the new skatepark at North Russian Jack Springs Park is done and ready for wheels.  This is the first skatepark of its kind in Anchorage with an in ground cement bowl feature.  How exciting to see the skate community embracing this new facility!
  3. Neighbors volunteering to beautify the parks and trails near you.apf-sitka-2016-30125
    From painting bollards to wrestling invasive plants, community members helped us with four Neighborhood Park Fix-It projects at Sitka Street Park, Fish Creek Trail, Kiwanis Fish Creek Park, and Duldida Park.  In just a few hours, volunteers made noticeable improvements to make our parks shine!
  4. Teachers and students using local parks and trails to take lessons outside.dsc_0256
    The Schools on Trails program is engaging ASD classes and connecting kids to their nearby parks and trails.  They’ve planted trees in Delaney Park, learned about the 1964 Earthquake on the Inside the Slide trail at Earthquake Park, and even built outdoor classrooms in Russian Jack Springs Park.  With 226 city parks, the possibilities for learning are endless!
  5. Anchorage teens improving our parks and trails while becoming local stewards.bvp604
    Youth Employment in Parks employed 24 teenagers to build trails, stabilize lake banks, and remove invasive plants, all while learning important job and life skills.  We’re proud of the five parks and trails they worked on this summer! “The most important lesson I learned was how to communicate and work well with different people.  It was satisfying working as part of a team.”-Florence Mbabzi

Wonderful things happen when we work together! Thank you for your support this year. YOU make us smile! 🙂