Challenge Grants Fund Community-Driven Park and Trail Improvements

May 11, 2017, Anchorage, AK – An outdoor classroom on the edge of Sand Lake, an official Samoan Cricket field in Dave Rose Park, and a food forest in Muldoon—just a few of the sixteen community-driven municipal park and trail improvements that were awarded at total of $200,000 in Challenge Grant matching funds by the Anchorage Park Foundation. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz will join the grantees in Town Square Park on Friday, May 12 from 12-1pm for award announcements and celebration. The event is open to the public.

Challenge Grants are awarded every two years by the Anchorage Park Foundation with generous support from the Rasmuson Foundation. Grantees will begin leveraging neighbors and community groups this spring to secure the donations, volunteer hours, grants, and in-kind services that Anchorage Park Foundation will match dollar for dollar. Projects will be completed by October 2018.

“Challenge Grant recipients are doing really great things to make Anchorage an even better, more exciting place to live. We never take that for granted,” says Mayor Berkowitz.

“Challenge Grants inspire community groups to spearhead park and trail improvements that they want to see most,” says Beth Nordlund, Executive Director of the Anchorage Park Foundation. “Community building projects bring neighbors, volunteers, donors, and friends together in amazing ways.”

Challenge Grant Announcements
Friday, May 12, 12pm
Town Square Park
544 West 5th Ave.

Grantees include:

  • Abbott Loop Community Council: Improvements to Whisper Faith Kovach Park landscaping and amenities.
  • Alaska Cricket Association: A permanent home and pitch for Kilikiti (Samoan Cricket) at Dave Rose Park.
  • Anchorage Radio Operated Auto Racing Association: A radio control off-road racetrack facility with lighting at South Anchorage Sports Park.
  • Ann Gabler (neighbor): Signage for a quiet nature preserve within Far North Bicentennial Park.
  • Boy Scout Troop #214: Installation of wooden garden plot markers for the McPhee Community Gardens at Davis Park and the Gardens at Bragaw.
  • Campbell Elementary School: An outdoor learning lab for hands-on nature education opportunities in Wolverine Park.
  • Central Area Swimming: Installation of new timing system and scoreboard at the Bartlett Pool.
  • Fairview Community Council and Anchorage Community Land Trust: Improvements to Fairview Park landscaping, amenities, and art.
  • Friends of Folker Park and Providence Horizon House: An intergenerational fitness equipment area on the west side of Folker Park in the U-Med district.
  • Friends of Girdwood Skate Park and the City of Girdwood: Rebuilding the half pipe ramp with a storage closet and adding safety features to the existing ramps in the park.
  • Girdwood Trails Committee: Beaver Pond Trail repairs.
  • Northeast Community Council: A community garden and orchard at Muldoon Town Square Park.
  • Pacific Northern Academy: Construction of a multi-use trail loop through the northwest corner of Ruth Arcand Park.
  • Sand Lake Elementary School: An outdoor lakeside learning lab in Sand Lake Park.
  • Singletrack Advocates: Construction of an additional 6 miles of one-directional singletrack bike trail in Far North Bicentennial Park.
  • Victims for Justice: Improvements to the Hostetler Park memorial honoring victims of violent crimes.

Learn more about each of these projects here: /programs/challenge-grants/announcing-community-challenge-grantees-2017/