John Rodda Retirement Celebration & Fundraiser

To honor John’s legacy and ensure future investment in Anchorage’s parks and trails, the Anchorage Park Foundation will be holding a retirement celebration and fundraiser.

Event tickets and submissions to John’s memory book available October 1, 2019.
All proceeds benefit the Anchorage Park Foundation.

After 45 years of service to the Municipality of Anchorage, John Rodda, the Director of both Anchorage and Eagle River-Chugiak Parks and Recreation, is retiring. The Anchorage Park Foundation has worked closely with John since the inception of the Foundation 15 years ago. We are incredibly grateful for his passion and dedication to improving recreation in Anchorage.

John has not only served as an effective administrator of Anchorage’s most precious public assets, but he has also helped to guide the growth of the Foundation as an ex officio member of the board. It’s a big job to oversee 10,946 acres of parkland, 250 miles of trails, and more than 300 employees – and John did it exceptionally well. Read more about John’s career in this recent news article.