Student Design Competition

@Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail

We have our winners!

First place:  Savannah Bickley, Moose Bench, King Career Center
Moose Bench3 (002) pic-01Moose Bench3 (002)

Second Place: Kacy Grundhauser, Eco-Bench, King Career Center
Bike benchSecond Place

Second Place: Mercedes Petrilla, W is for Westchester, King Career Center
WLNT_Wseat_Mercedes Page 001WLNT_Wseat_Mercedes Page 006

The Contest (closed)

We incited high school students to submit their ideas and designs for a custom chair(s) to be permanently installed at the Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail.  This is part of a larger project of improvements that are being made to the trail.


The Seat

  • Individual seats shall be a minimum 16”-18” wide and 12” deep
  • Seat height shall be 14”-17” measured from the ground
  • Chairs should plan to hold a minimum of 400 pounds per seat
  • Chairs may offer seating for up to 3 people
  • Chairs are intended to be constructed and permanently installed
  • Chairs should serve the function of a seat, not a bed

Your Quest

  • Ask Questions: There are no dumb questions.
  • Submit your Design: This is really important.
    Describe your creative solution(s) on 3 sheets of 8.5”x11” paper (6 sides) in any way you like. Sketches, diagrams, and images are encouraged. Don’t forget your name, school, and contact information.
  • We encourage participants to consider developing design proposals that are portfolio-worthy. This is an opportunity to generate ideas and materials that are appropriate for applying to programs or universities for admission, bolster grant and scholarship applications, or begin a profitable business enterprise.
  • Have Fun: This isn’t intended to be too painful or overly complex.

Contest has ended

WLNT_DesignCompetition-4     WLNT_DesignCompetition-6

Pictures of the Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail

Optional Form for Design Submissions

Frequently Asked Questions

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