Eastchester Park Beautification

2022 Community Challenge Grantee

Sign reading "Eastchester Park"

Challenge Grant Awarded: $6,920

Community Match: $6,920

Total Project Value: $13,840

Eastchester Park: 900 East 20th Avenue

Led by Fairview Community Council members, the project will establish a stronger sense of place at Eastchester Park through strategic placing of nine birch trees, two planter boxes and eight shrubs planted parallel to 20th Avenue. The planters will be planted with berry bushes to increase local access to natural foods. This project will help gain momentum for community involvement in park improvements with the 2022 voter approved park bond for Eastchester Park.

This project requires a 1:1 match of grant award through donations, volunteer time, non federal grants, or donated materials or services. To learn more about how to support this project, contact the Fairview Community Council.