Fish Creek Tunnel Art

2022 Community Challenge Grantee

Artist Sheila Wyne leaning against wall

Challenge Grant Awarded: $12,240

Community Match: $12,240

Total Project Value: $24,480

Fish Creek Tunnel: Spenard Road & Fish Creek Trail

The Fish Creek Trail follows the creek through Spenard from Tudor Road near Minnesota to Barbara Street Park near Northern Lights. Artist Sheila Wyne will create a mosaic frieze art installation, centered in the bike trail tunnel that runs under Spenard Road. The concept envisions a repeating pattern of salmon skin/scales with fluid, riffle lines hinting at the movement of water as it flows over the surface of the scales. The material used for the mosaic are decommissioned road signs.

Conceptually, the repurposing of this material also transforms the original intent of the signage. For pedestrians and bikers, signage often seems directed towards cars rather than non-motorized means of transportation. This mosaic redirects that impulse and creates an artwork specifically for trail users. A combination of shadow and direct light sources will cause the mosaic frieze to reflect, shine and highlight the surface patinas colors. Under these conditions, the work will glimmer as the viewer moves through the tunnel. The shimmering effects will be especially dramatic in winter months when trail users often use head lamps to illuminate their way.

This project requires a 1:1 match of grant award through donations, volunteer time, non federal grants, or donated materials or services. To learn more about how to support this project, contact the artist Sheila Wyne.