Kincaid Park Singletrack Trail Improvements

2022 Community Challenge Grantee

Man with shovel

Challenge Grant Awarded: $10,000

Community Match: $10,000

Total Project Value: $20,000

Kincaid Park Singletrack: 6998 Raspberry Road

Singletrack Advocates will improve the mountain biking experience on three single track trails at Kincaid Park – the Bolling Alley, Good Greeff, and Mighty Bike trails. They will purchase and install up to seven prefabricated progressive bike ramps comprised of a steel structure and cedar decking surface, and make necessary trail upgrades including tread work, trail reroutes, and installing signage.

This project requires a 1:1 match of grant award through donations, volunteer time, non federal grants, or donated materials or services. To learn more about how to support this project, contact Singletrack Advocates.