Meadow Park Picnic Shelter and Accessibility Improvements

2022 Community Challenge Grantee

Sign the says Meadow Park

Challenge Grant Awarded: $15,000

Community Match: $15,000

Total Project Value: $30,000

Meadow Street Park: 6730 Meadow Street

This project has two main goals: improve the park experience for the public and students at Polaris K-12 and Rilke Schule German School of Arts & Sciences, and gain momentum for a park bond to build ADA accessible sidewalks, parking, and a picnic shelter. Since adopting the park in 2015, volunteers with Rilke Schule have worked hard to make this park an asset to the community. These proposed improvements, supported by the Abbott Loop Community Council, will give the school and community a sheltered place to gather, parking to accommodate increased park use, and ensure residents and students have a safe route to schools through the neighborhood.

This project requires a 1:1 match of grant award through donations, volunteer time, non federal grants, or donated materials or services. To learn more about how to support this project, contact Rebecca Colvin.