Chanshtnu Muldoon Park Food Forest and Community Garden

Drawn plan for food forest and garden

The food forest and garden are part of the original vision for this new park in Muldoon.

Project Summary: Muldoon neighbors have been working hard to turn what was once an abandoned lot into a lively, community space, now Chanshtnu Muldoon Park. Phase 1 of the park is complete with the skating loop, playground, and farmers market area, but that was just the beginning. Phase 2 is in the works and includes a community food forest and community garden.

The space will feature 45 10’x20’ plots for neighbors to plant and a food forest with 40 Alaskan fruit trees. This will be an opportunity for community members to enjoy low-cost, locally grown, healthy food as well as learn about gardening, agriculture, and forestry. The funds from this challenge grant will specifically support the fencing to protect the gardens and orchard. 

Community Challenge: Raise $24,000 in materials and volunteer labor.

Project Contact: Kristi Wood