Far North Bicentennial Park Sled Dog Trail Safety Signage

Sign that reads: "Danger. Dog Sleds Only. Mushers are fast, silent, and cannot stop quickly for other users. Do Not Enter."

Project Summary: With so many trails in the Far North Bicentennial Park, there seems to be something for every kind of trail user out there. During the winter, some of these trails are groomed and maintained by the Alaska Sled Dog Racing Association (ASDRA) and are designated by the city for use by dog mushers only. Sled dog teams are fast and have difficulty stopping for anything in their way, so ensuring the trails are clear for mushers is crucial.

This year, ASDRA will provide new signage to in Far North Bicentennial to clearly delineate which trails are designated for mushers only. Once there is enough snow to groom, ASDRA volunteers will install the new signage, making this a safer winter for both sled dogs and all trail users.

Community Challenge: Raise $4,000 in cash, materials, and volunteer labor.

Project Contact: Fran Pekar