Community Challenge Grant Application Guide

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Create an Account

To start an application, all applicants are required to create an account through our new Online Grant Center. We suggest creating your account well in advance of the grant deadline to avoid any last minute issues.

At the time of registration you are required to enter the following information:

  • Email address (this will double as your username at login)
  • Your contact information
  • Your organization’s information, if applicable.
    • If you are applying on behalf of an informal group, please create a name that best describes your group.
    • If you are not applying on behalf of a formal organization, write N/A.

Need help with registration? Refer to the video tutorial for more information:

Starting a Grant Application

Once an account has been created, you will be taken directly to the Community Challenge Grant application page. Click on the blue apply button to start your application. Please read every question and description carefully and answer all of the required fields to the best of your ability.

Note that as you work through the application, the system will automatically save your progress. This will allow you to log off and log back in to make edits to the same draft and submit the application at a later date. If you are unsure if the system has saved your progress, scroll to the bottom of the application and click the save application button before logging out.

After all of the required questions have been answered, you will have an opportunity to upload supplemental documents. This may include any documents you believe will help your application like Letters of Support from other organizations, Design Plans, site photos etc.

Need help with your application? Refer to this video tutorial for more information:

Submitting an Application

Once you have completed all of the required fields on the application and uploaded any supplemental documents, you will be able to submit your application. All applications must be submitted before Sunday, April 14th in order to be considered by our award committee.

After you have submitted your application, please wait to be contacted with the next steps in the application process. Additionally, you may be contacted by Anchorage Park Foundation staff if your application appears incomplete or if we need additional information.

Decisions on Challenge Grant Awards will be announced in May 2019. 

Additional Resources

Here are some resources to help you through the application process!

Still Lost?

Contact Communications Manager Connor Keesecker at connor@anchorageparkfoundation.org or 907.249.6654 and we will help guide you down the Challenge Grant trail!