Taku Lake Park Skatepark Renovation and Expansion

Man doing skateboarding trick

The in-ground skatepark at Russian Jack Springs Park is a popular park asset.

Project Summary: Jason and Kelly Borgstede, owners of the South Anchorage’s Blue & Gold Board Shop, are raising funds for major improvements to Taku Lake Skatepark. Located just off the Campbell Creek trail, the skatepark is already a much-loved asset by the skater community. However, the equipment at the park is in need of an update and there’s potential for Taku to become a destination skatepark for skaters across Anchorage.

Small skatepark with benches

The current skatepark at Taku Lake Park.

With the addition of other funding sources, the park will be transformed into a 5-8,000 ft concrete skatepark at the same site as the current equipment.

Revamping the Taku skatepark will provide a number of benefits to the skateboard community, the youth of anchorage, and the greater community in general. The proposed skatepark will provide a safe environment to recreate while promoting healthy activity. 

Virtual skatepark model

Potential design for the new skatepark.

The Challenge Grantees have already secured a $10,000 grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, as well as support from band members of Portugal. The Man. Check out the video below!

Community Challenge: Raise $40,000 in cash, volunteer labor, and in-kind donations.

Project Contact: Jason Borgstede

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The skatepark challenge grant is part of a larger project to revitalize Taku Lake Park. Learn more about the full vision here.