Invasive Plant Removal Project

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What are Invasive Plants?

The invasive plants change the natural balance of our lands by endangering birds, insects, and fish that depend on native plants for survival. The plants pictured have all been found in neighborhood parks and greenbelts throughout the Anchorage Bowl. Invasive plants infest an estimated 100 million acres in the U.S. and cost $140 billion dollars per year to control. Anchorage has the chance to prevent invasive infestations before they become so widespread that control is costly.

Have you seen an invasive weed in one of your Municipal Parks?

We need your assistance in monitor invasive weeds and their locations. Please report invasive weed sightings here. Not sure what kind of weeds you have seen? Identify them here.

Download the Informative Flyer on Purple Loosestrife in Westchester Lagoon, Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park.

Partners include:

  • UAF Cooperative Extension Service
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Nordic Skiing Association
  • Anchorage TREErific
  • Arctic Bicycle Club
  • Arctic Orienteering Club
  • Anchorage Running Club
  • Northwest Archers
  • Master Gardeners
  • Anchorage Audubon Society
  • Alaska Committee for Noxious & Invasive Plants Management
  • Alaska Women’s Environmental Network
  • The Nature Conservancy of Alaska


For more information contact Invasive Plant Program Coordinator Tim Stallard at (907) 339-0101 or (907) 347-2214 or weeds.free.ak@gmail.com.