Tikishla Park Prunus Padus Chokecherry Removal

2022 Community Challenge Grantee

Woman walks down trail in forest with mountains in the background

Challenge Grant Awarded: $5,000

Community Match: $5,000

Total Project Value: $10,000

Tikishla Park: 3018 East 20th Avenue

With the support of the Airport Heights Community Council, Tikishla Park neighbors are uniting to fight off invasive chokecherry (mayday) trees that are harmful to wildlife and salmon in Chester Creek. Their goal is to eradicate chokecherry from the park and adjoining spur trails once and for all, through a series of strategic volunteer events.

This project requires a 1:1 match of grant award through donations, volunteer time, non federal grants, or donated materials or services. To learn more about how to support this project, contact Ashley Lehman.