Faces of APF

Janice Tower, Singletrack Advocates

My Favorite Park: Kincaid Park Singletrack Trails “My favorite trails are the Hillside Singletrack Trails built by Singletrack Advocates in 2008. This is the first trail system designed for mountain biking in Alaska, representing a rich collaboration of federal, state and

Kim Wetzel, City Planner

My Favorite Park: Forsythe Park “Parks can be modest in size and scope, while still providing multitudes of community services. When I buy my first home, you’ll be sure to see me checking out the local parks before I make

Ruth Moulton, Credited with the Establishment of Town Square Park

My Favorite Park: Town Square Park “Every town needs a central place, some sort of ‘town square.’ Such a place serves to create and solidify a community identity; it helps create a “there” there, if you will. And while adding

Gordon Wetzel, Past President of NSAA

My Favorite Park: Far North Bicentennial Park “I think parks are an important piece of quality of life. I think they provide a place to recreate, to get outside, and to communicate with nature.”

Patricia Joyner, TREErific Volunteer

My Favorite Park: Russian Jack Springs Park “My favorite park would have to be Russian Jack. I like how close it is to my house, the beautiful forest it has, and how natural it is. This is a place where

Steve Amstrup, Polar Bear Biologist

My Favorite Park: Anchorage Trails “I feel that we are very fortunate to have such a great trail system here in Anchorage. It creates open space for us, letting us to take a break from civilization, and get back to

Craig Torrey, Trail Watch

My Favorite Park: Margaret Egan Sullivan Park “Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park has what realtors call location, location & location. Couple that with many other desirable qualities, such as – right on the water, lots of open space, wildlife galore, the

Pat Murphy, High School Teacher

My Favorite Park: Far North Bicentennial Park “My favorite park would have to be Far North Bicentennial because I live right by it. I really enjoy it because it is mostly undeveloped and there are a lot of natural trails. I’ve

Jana Widness, Biathlete

My Favorite Park: Kincaid Park Biathlon Range “Biathlon is a very tough sport, mixing the endurance sport of skiing with the accuracy of shooting. I see the range here in Anchorage as an opening to the rest of the world, as

Monique Anderson, Former Park Superintendent

My Favorite Park: Tony Knowles Coastal Trail “I see parks as essential. They are good if you just want to take a walk, meet people, enjoy a view, or increase your health. I think parks are an important piece of