Faces of APF

Verna Pratt, Botanist

My Favorite Park: Alaska Botanical Gardens “One of my favorite parks in Anchorage is the Alaska Botanical Gardens. It is a beautiful and special park that focuses on the beauty of nature. The park opened in 1992 and was the

Jan Buron, Ski Coach

My Favorite Park: Woodside Park  “My favorite Anchorage Park is Woodside Park, located along Chester Creek, across the road from the Sullivan Arena. It is a nice park with plenty of green space, open space, and a nice trail. It

Vic Fischer, Member of Alaska’s Constitutional Convention

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Kathleen Plunkett, School Board & Russian Jack Community Council

My Favorite Park: San Antonio Park “My favorite park is San Antonio Park. This small park is surrounded by high density housing with very little green space in the area so our children played in the street. The community worked

Peggy Robinson

My Favorite Park: Windsong Park Imagine a neighborhood of over 500 single and multi-family homes with no usable public space – no park, no school.  Now see it 15 years later with a vibrant and ever changing 14-acre park in

Deborah Bonito

My Favorite Park: Elderberry Park “Mark and I were married there on a beautiful July night.  My Dad escorted me to the park in a white horse-drawn carriage.  We planned for everything, except the partial eclipse that took place immediately

Richard Mize

My Favorite Park: Kincaid Park In 1958 I was stationed at Fort Richardson with the U.S. Army Biathlon Unit.  I enjoyed my introduction to Anchorage so much that I applied for a teaching position after I was discharged and began

Tanya Iden

Favorite Park: Mountain View Park & Valley of the Moon “Growing up in Anchorage I loved the parks with the rocket ships.  Both  Mountain View Park and Valley of the Moon Park were my favorites. Often, childhood birthday parties were

Bob Robertson

My Favorite Park: Delaney Park Strip As the Director of the Park and Recreation Department for 19 years, I was fortunate to have the great opportunity to be the director during a tremendous growth period between 1978 and 1985.  I

Beth Nordlund, Executive Director of Anchorage Park Foundation

 My Favorite Park: Elderberry Park I grew up in Anchorage and spent a lot of time with my grandparents who lived in an apartment building right downtown.  In those days “the park” was Elderberry Park.  That is the one we