Anchorage Trails Initiative

The Anchorage Park Foundation holds a seat on the steering committee for Live.Work.Play., the grassroots initiative focused on achieving the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) vision for Anchorage’s future: By 2025, Anchorage is the #1 city in America to Live. Work. & Play.

Anchorage Trails Podcast by KSKA 91.1

Live.Work.Play. focuses on community improvement and engagement for Anchorage. This has been broken into seven main areas of focus to spur and assist community collaborations. A healthy connection to the outdoors is of course one of the biggest reasons we love to live in Anchorage! The Anchorage Park Foundation is leading the way with the Anchorage Trails initiative, identifying appropriate, achievable things for individuals, organizations, and the community to do to support our Anchorage Trails.

More than 100 partners have signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in support of Live.Work.Play. Please join these local businesses and organizations committed to making Anchorage the greatest place to live.

At a Trails Summit in January 2014, business and community leaders identified four key actions to support Anchorage Trails:

  • Connections: we need more physical trail connections to have a world-class trails system
  • Safety: we need to make the trail system even safer for users (by thinning brush, adding lighting, improving wayfinding signs, etc.)
  • Promotion: we need to promote the Anchorage Trails initiative
  • Facilities: we need physical improvements to the trails (such as asphalt work, portapotties, dog stations, etc.)

What can you do to support the Anchorage Trails Initiative?

Go the distance! You can be a part of the Anchorage Trails initiative by helping with…

  • Advocacy (Anchorage Trails bond, legislative funding)
  • Networking
  • Staff Time (match a Rasmuson Corporate Challenge)
  • Volunteering
  • Financial Contributions (sponsor an Anchorage Trails sign)
  • In-Kind Contributions

Economic Benefits of Anchorage Trails

Research shows that trails and greenways provide opportunities for economic growth and renewal to communities. Anchorage currently has 10,946 acres (223 parks) of municipal parkland, over 250 miles of trails (135 miles paved), 110 athletic fields, 5 pools, 11 recreation centers, and 82 playgrounds. Additional capital improvements to Anchorage Trails and greenways will further attract and retain businesses to our area, raise property values, and increase recreation-related spending.

  • 95% of Anchorage agrees that the trail system contributes toward making Anchorage a great place to live.
  • 66% of Anchorage adults would like to use the trails MORE.

World class trails make Anchorage a great place to live.