2024 Bonds for Parks & Trails

Vote by Mail Begins: March 12, 2024
Last Day to Vote: Tuesday, April 2, 2024, 7am-8pm
Anchorage Municipal Election Ballot Information

The Municipality of Anchorage manages 11,000 acres of parkland, 226 parks, more than 250 trails, and recreation facilities across the city. These public assets provide spaces throughout the city for play, a variety of sports, health and recreation activities, and exploring nature. All parks and most park facilities are free for the public to use. The cost of renovating existing facilities and developing new facilities is funded primarily through voter approved bonds.

Proposition 4: Anchorage Parks and Recreation Bond
Proposition 4, the 2024 Parks Bond would provide $4.35 million for renovating and rehabilitating trails and parks (Ship Creek to Coastal/Fish Creek to Coastal Trail are two of the projects), and making improvements at various athletic fields and recreational facilities in the Anchorage Bowl. Voter approval of the proposed $4.35 million Parks Bond would leverage another $16 million in federal match. The Parks Bond provides an affordable way to invest back into our community through the parks and trails that make Anchorage a great place to live, learn, play, and work. Learn more about the proposed improvements near you and across the city in the storymap below.

Other Bond Measures with Projects that Benefit Parks & Trails:

Proposition 3: Anchorage Roads and Drainage Bond
The Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area Roads and Storm Drainage bond includes a proposed project to add wayfinding signage that would point to the two major trailheads in downtown Anchorage, the Ship Creek Trail and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

Proposition 7: Areawide Cemetery Capital Improvements
The proposed Cemetery Bond would provide $4.1 million for cemetery equipment and capital improvements to Anchorage Memorial Park, which is managed by Anchorage Parks and Recreation, the Girdwood Cemetery, and Eagle River Cemetery. Get further information from the Cemetery Bond Fact Sheet.

Proposition 8: Areawide Public Restrooms
The proposed $5 million public restroom bond includes restrooms for public spaces and parks such as Elderberry Park, Peratrovich Park, and Town Square Park.

Proposition 9: Chugach State Park Access Service Area Bonds
The proposed Chugach Access Service Area (CASA) bond, if approved by voters would provide $4 million to upgrade Canyon Road and parking for popular trailheads leading to southside Flattop and Rabbit Lake. CASA Fact Sheet

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