Park of the Year

The 2024 Park of the Year is Kincaid Park!

Kincaid is one of the largest and most popular parks in our amazing park system. As Park of the Year, we will be diving deep into the rich history and stories surrounding this flagship park throughout the year.

To help us highlight this park, we partnered with local artist Ted Kincaid, grandson of the park’s namesake homesteaders, on a custom piece of artwork. His beautiful depiction of a typical scene from a park bench was painted on a piece of repurposed plywood.

Get a free sticker of this custom Kincaid artwork as part of participating in the 2024 Moose Loop Trail Challenge, a popular community event that celebrates the world-class urban trails that loop around the city of Anchorage, in the shape of a moose! This Kincaid image is available now on merchandise through our new online store. Every purchase supports the Anchorage Park Foundation. Visit the store.

Artwork by Ted Kincaid

Artwork by Ted Kincaid