Anchorage Trails Initiative

The Anchorage Trails Initiative is a community coalition that empowers citizens to speak up for walkable, bikeable transportation strategies and investments to increase connectivity, improve health and attract and retain top talent and investment to Anchorage. It started in 2011 in partnership with the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s Live.Work.Play. grassroots initiative to improve Anchorage’s quality of life.

Anchorage trails can take you from sweeping views of Cook Inlet, to salmon fishing on Ship Creek, to diverse neighborhoods offering rich cultural experiences, and everything in between. Whether it’s walking for health, biking to work, or taking one’s family to the park or a local restaurant, Anchorage trails are fun, local, and lovable.

Four main multi-use trails – the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Campbell Creek Trail and the Ship Creek Trail can all be linked together to form a loop around Anchorage. A fifth trail, the Fish Creek trail, provides connectivity through the middle of the city, with plans to eventually connect to the loop.

While the Moose Loop can be accessed and enjoyed in its current form, addressing the gaps in the route’s connections will improve safety for users. Creating more points of access to existing trails and more neighborhood connections and wayfinding to the trails will increase safe and equitable access to more people across Anchorage.

Go the distance! Here’s how you can help the Anchorage Trails initiative:

  • Attend a twice-yearly meeting (email Diana@AnchorageParkFoundation.org)
  • Advocate for parks and recreation bonds and non-motorized transportation infrastructure
  • Volunteer at trail events
  • Sponsor an Anchorage Trails wayfinding sign
  • Donate to Anchorage Park Foundation

Economic Benefits of Anchorage Trails

Research shows that trails and greenways provide opportunities for economic growth and renewal to communities. The Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department manages 223 parks, 250 miles of trails (135 miles paved), 110 athletic fields, 5 pools, 11 recreation centers, and 82 playgrounds.

Additional capital improvements to Anchorage trails and greenways will further attract and retain businesses to our area, raise property values, and increase recreation-related spending.

  • 95% of Anchorage agrees that the trail system contributes toward making Anchorage a great place to live.
  • 66% of Anchorage adults would like to use the trails MORE.

Map of Anchorage with Moose Loop trail highlighted

Anchorage Trails Podcast by KSKA 91.1

World class trails make Anchorage a great place to live.