Teacher Resources for Outdoor Learning

Portable Outdoor Classroom Kits Available

Anchorage educators can borrow a portable outdoor classroom kit to make it even easier to take kids outside. Kits include camp chairs, supplies, activities and Educator Resource Guide to make it convenient and fun for educators to bring their students outdoors. Contact Meredith to check out a kit.

Tips for getting your students outdoors

  1. Educator Resource Guide, a how to guide on taking a classroom outdoors including activities, tips and more.
  2. Forest Fridays! Establish a regular time for walking field trips with your students.  Every Friday. Every other Friday.  Every 3rd Friday. Parents and students will know what to expect and you will be surprised at how students look forward to these days they know are coming!
  3. Create a map of the green spaces near your school with your students. This will familiarize them with the spaces and create a sense that they are accessible spaces for outdoor learning.

Apply for a Challenge Grant

Challenge Grants are an opportunity for funding for larger Schools on Trails projects such as outdoor classrooms and trail access. Challenge Grants encourage community stewardship and partnership to make positive changes in Anchorage’s parks and trails. Recipients of the grant must match the funds with private donations, in-kind services, or volunteer hours. Learn more about past Schools on Trails Challenge Grant projects and how to apply

Schools on Trails Maps

Schools on Trails maps highlight the connection between schools in the Anchorage area and their public green spaces.  They are designed as a tool for the school, the community and the city, to promote increased access to trails and parks, encourage outdoor learning and environmental education, and improve student health. Please share them! If you would like a map connecting your school to its trail, please contact Meredith Gutierrez. Find your map.

Watershed Maps

Watershed Maps were created to fit into the 4th grade curriculum as part of the Watershed Education Project with Alaska Sea Grant.  They provide a good visual to use with your class when showing where water flows! Check out the maps

Community Partners with Outdoor Learning Resources, Field Trip Opportunities, and Teacher Trainings

Anchorage is abundant with people, organizations, and agencies that have outdoor learning resources to share with teachers.  Check out this list of organizations and their offerings.