Arctic Benson Park Improvements

Home to the First Fenced Dog Park in Anchorage!

750 W. 31st Avenue |  Midtown, Anchorage

In July 2013 volunteers gathered to celebrate Anchorage’s first fenced dog park, help make improvements, and meet their fellow dog enthusiasts. Every volunteer hour counted towards the Arctic Benson Challenge Grant through APF.  Below are the tasks accomplished:

  • Spreading topsoil to fill in the gaps between the fence and the ground, and adjust the grade to ensure that dogs can’t dig under and get out.
  • Install the official dog park sign
  • Install the dog poop bag “mutt mitt” station
  • Sand and paint benches
  • Spread topsoil and reseed grassy open section around playground
  • Re-level the gravel in the playground and make a nice defined edge around the perimeter
  • Paint the blue part of the playground, and touch up other parts that need to be repainted

Arctic Benson 2


In 2011, over 50 neighbors and volunteers filled out report cards grading Arctic Benson Park, cumulatively giving it an F. With that information, APF was able to secure $83,000 from the Alaska State Legislature to improve Arctic Benson Park  in the summer of 2013. A Very Important Parks (VIP) Committee was formed to identify the neighborhood park improvements. This dedicated group of volunteers is devoted to revitalizing Arctic Benson, and supported by neighbors and the Midtown Community Council.

Organizer Karen Dechman says, “This is a very big deal for dog owners, especially our disabled veterans and elderly who struggle with finding a place to exercise their beloved dogs.  It is also a great way for people who might have few other opportunities to connect with their community, to meet neighbors and make friends.  This significant park improvement also helps to make Arctic Benson a safer park for visitors, as well as add to the continued growth and development of Midtown.

Chris Bond, officer of the Midtown Community Council, and his dog are excited to visit the new Arctic Benson Dog Park.

On January 10th, 2013 their resolution for an enclosed dog park in Arctic Benson Park was passed by the Parks & Recreation Commission.

During Summer 2014, playground equipment was updated and accessible pathways to the park improved.

Total cash raised: $7,841; volunteer contribution value: $3,767; total match value: $11,608.

Total Project Value Including Anchorage Park Foundation Grant: $51,608