Anchorage Trails Initiative

250 miles of urban multi-use trails make Anchorage a year-round outdoor recreation destination. Anchorage trails showcase our city’s spectacular natural beauty, connect our diverse neighborhoods, encourage healthy lifestyles, and promote economic development.

Anchorage is a trails town with four main multi-use trails – the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Campbell Creek Trail and the Ship Creek Trail can all be linked together to form a loop around the city called the Moose Loop. A fifth trail, the Fish Creek trail, provides connectivity through the middle of the city, with plans to eventually connect to the loop. A large 2023 survey of Anchorage residents shows strong public support for trails. We’ve made the case for trails strengthening the Anchorage community.

There is still more work to do to ensure that Anchorage has a comprehensive and well-maintained trail system that connects to all parts of town, has no gaps, and allows residents to safely walk or bike anywhere they want to go.

This community vision for connecting Anchorage is the pathway to safe and connected walkable, bikeable transportation strategies and investments to increase connectivity on streets and trails. The Anchorage Park Foundation along with our partners advocate for infrastructure improvements that close the gaps in the route’s connections, improve wayfinding, increase access from neighborhoods, and encourage tourism.

Here’s how you can help improve Anchorage trails:

  • Bring trail projects to your Community Council
  • Vote for annual Park  and Recreation Bonds
  • Volunteer at community trail events
  • Attend Anchorage Trails Coalition meetings
  • Support the Anchorage Park Foundation
  • Write your local elected officials in support of trail projects
  • Participate in the Moose Loop Trail Challenge

Diana Rhoades, Program Director
& Co-Chair of the Anchorage Trails Coalition