Inclusive Play

Anchorage is leading the nation in inclusive play.

An inclusive playground removes barriers. It considers not just physical access, but also emotional, social, and psychological benefits of play. It encompasses the philosophy that children and adults of all abilities benefit from being able to play and interact together. Watch our video series about how inclusive play impacts Anchorage families.

Visit Anchorage Inclusive Playgrounds

Anchorage has an amazing selection of inclusive playgrounds that are fun for kids of all ages and abilities! Download this Inclusive Play Map to find a playground near you. Go to all the playgrounds on the checklist and receive a free Moose Loop sticker! Just let us know by email that you have completed the challenge and we will mail you a sticker.

What Makes These Playgrounds Inclusive?

An inclusive playground is a playground designed with everyone in mind. It is accessible, has various levels of challenge for all children, and most importantly fun! Anchorage Park and Recreation Department identified 7 physical, sensory and social play opportunities in each of Anchorage’s playgrounds. Click the links below by park to see what makes each of  these playgrounds inclusive!



Partners and resources






Anchorage’s Inclusive Play Work Group is a made up of stakeholders working to improve play opportunities for children, families, and individuals with mobility issues or other special needs. It brings together people with disabilities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, Senior centers, health organizations, businesses, and the Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department to listen to community needs and provide equity, access, and inclusive features to parks and trails. Join us!

To get involved in Inclusive Play, contact Beth – Beth@AnchorageParkFoundation.org

Children and families climb on a net climber.