Cuddy Family Midtown Park Bank Restoration – YEP 2016


The pond at Cuddy Family Midtown Park is home to a large number of waterfowl who have become year round residents. The number and duration of these residents have had adverse effects on the health of the pond ecosystem. In an effort to help with water quality, restore eroding banks, and discourage the feeding of waterfowl, YEP helped the municipality Parks and Recreation Department plant 253 Dogwood and Potentilla shrubs and 113 Iris plants. The area around the pond was fenced off to allow the plants to establish, and educational signs were installed by the Anchorage Water Ways Council to educate the public on environmental issues associated with feeding wildlife.

The project consisted of:
• Planting 253 Dogwood and Potentilla shrubs, and 113 Iris plants
• Bank improvements

Project Dates:
July 6-8

MOA funds: $26,000
Private Funding: $ 6,000