Davis Park Ballfields Revitalization

  • Sponsor: Polar Little League and Mountain View Lions Club
  • Award: $50,000


Davis Park Ballfield

Davis Park Ballfield

Polar Little League was awarded a Challenge Grant to do safety improvements to the Davis Park Ballfields. In the fall of 2011, Davis Park received a D on its park report card. In 2012 and 2013, the Mountain View Lions Club and the Polar Little League helped make many improvements to the park. Three baseball fields were renovated, a bullpen was added, and repair work was done to the fencing and dugouts. In addition, many general site improvements were made throughout the park. With these efforts, the surrounding community hopes to boost participation in the Little League and increase use of the park.

TO DATE: Total cash raised and volunteer labor and in-kind contribution value: $50,000 from American Legion, $200,000 from State Legislature; $40,000 from Mountain View Lions Club; total match value: $290,000

Total Projected Project Value Including Anchorage Park Foundation Grant: $340,000