Jodhpur Motocross Area, Kincaid Park

  • Sponsor: Anchorage Racing Lions
  • Award: $20,000
  • Challenge: Raise more than $20,000 in cash, labor and in-kind contributions


The Anchorage Racing Lions have improved the Jodhpur Park motocross area by installing electricity and safety lighting. Project partners worked with Chugach Electric to create electric access close to the parking lot and upgrade the power line to the park. Project partners also worked with the Municipality of Anchorage to secure a right-of-way into the park. The electric meter base and light poles are installed and power has been installed to the base.

  • Volunteer hours: 28;
  • Skilled volunteer hours: 96;
  • Other inkind contribution value: $25,263;
  • Total match value: $32,509

Total Project Value including Rasmuson Foundation Grant: $52,509