The Mosaic Project: Girdwood Town Square Park

Girdwood artist Tommy O’Malley

The Anchorage Park Foundation awarded a 2013 Challenge Grant to the Girdwood Art Institute to host community art workshops in the new central park and create mosaic tile designs around the newly installed concrete benches and flower planters.

In the summer of 2013, the Girdwood Art Institute created mosaic tile designs, purchase materials, and began installation of mosaic tile designs on garden planters. During the winter months, workshops allowed community members to assist with mosaic “chess piece” designs. In summer 2014, installation of mosaics continued and will be finished in summer 2015.

Total cash raised: $2,645; total volunteer and in-kind contribution value: $22,320; total match value: $24,965

Total Project Value Including Anchorage Park Foundation Grant: $35,965

Example of mosaic tile design

Example of mosaic tile design