Suzan Nightingale McKay Inclusive Playground

Park Improvements

  • Replace play equipment with Woolly Mammoth themed playground
  • Update playground surface with wood fiber
  • Thinning vegetation
  • Replace park amenities for easier maintenance
  • Install trash cans, signs, and benches




In 2015, Suzan Nightingale McKay Park received a new playground and park improvements. The newly design park features a brand new playground with an iconic Woolly Mammoth climbing structure, a new swing set, and a sand digging play area. The overall park improvements for included installing a wood fiber fall surface material under the park’s swing set and landscape fabric, weed existing flowers and replace the fabric and mulch within the flower beds, improve vegetation thinning along property line for site lines, and paint bollards for safety use. Funding for the park came from a $100,000 State Legislative Grant for to address community concerns about the park.

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