Thelma Buchholdt Memorial Picnic Shelter

  • Sponsor: Filipino Community of Anchorage
  • Award: $20,000

Members of the Anchorage Filipino Community.

During the summer of 2010, volunteers, members of the Anchorage Filipino Community, contractors and staff repainted park equipment, restored landscaping, removed trash and installed the Thelma Buchholdt Memorial Picnic Pavilion in memory of Thelma Buchholdt at Woodland Park in Spenard. Buchholdt was a historian, scholar and the first Filipino-American legislator in the United States. The memorial shelter was successfully installed in fall of 2010.

Total cash raised: $8,912; total match value: $8,912

Total Project Value Including Anchorage Park Foundation Grant: $28,912

Buchholdt Shelter

Buchholdt Shelter