Signage & Wayfinding Plan

Show your support for trails as a trail sponsor!

In 2019, Anchorage Parks and Recreation installed mile markers every half mile along four popular urban trails – the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail and the Ship Creek and Campbell Creek Trails. They not only help trail users know the mileage, but they also include new emergency locators for first responders.

Each mile marker sponsorship is $1,500 for a five-year term, with opportunities for renewal. It provides daily visibility for your company or family to hundreds of trail users and identifies you as a valued partner in making our trails safe and accessible to all.

Have a location in mind?  Please reach out to Diana Rhoades, so she can help you find an available sponsorship opportunity on a trail you love. Contact her at or (907) 249-6652.

Anchorage Trails Wayfinding Plan

In May of 2016, the Anchorage Trails Wayfinding Plan was adopted by the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Commission after a lengthy public participation process led by the Anchorage Trails Initiative.

A link to the plan can be found here.Trails-Map-grey

What is the Wayfinding Plan?

Our trails are an important part of Anchorage’s identity. They provide recreation opportunities, serve as transit systems, and attract a talented workforce to Anchorage.

A survey found out that 95% of Anchorage residents agree that our trail system contributes towards making Anchorage a great place to live, while 66% of Anchorage adults would like to use the trails more often. In an effort to improve our trails for all users, a Signage & Wayfinding Plan is in development to create a safer, more easily navigable trail system for our city.

Signage & Wayfinding Plan Goals:

  • Project consistent image for trails and pedestrian routes.
  • Safely guide residents and visitors to landmarks, facilities, and community services.
  • Brand neighborhoods and establish a strong sense of place and community pride.
  • Improve community health by encouraging walking, bicycling, and public transit.
  • Lead to a more legible and connected city for residents, commuters, and tourists.

Local landscape architecture firm Earthscape and national wayfinding expert MERJE are working together to lead the wayfinding process that will help make Anchorage’s trail system WORLD CLASS!